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Home Opinion From the Fan Zone: So You’re Not An Athlete (Anymore)…Now What?

by Corrianne Cain

My identity as an athlete has withered since high school, just like my subpar kill percentage. My afternoons are no longer spent in the weight room, on the field or court, or driving to away games. I’ve gone from three sports to zero. Now what I do with my life?

A lot of athletes call this campus home, but believe it or not, there are a great number of non-athletes here at Concordia living the same post-athlete lives as me. But, fear not, you can still thrive in college apart from participating in athletics.

  1. IT’S FINE.

You may be feeling left out because you are not enjoying the highs of touchdowns, 3-pointers, and home runs. But it’s really okay that those things are not what fill your time. You’ve moved on. And it’s okay.

  1. There’s a world beyond sports.

Now that sports are not consuming your life, you have time for so many other things! College is the perfect time to explore something different. Music ensembles, Improv, Concordia’s Business Club…options abound and now that practices don’t take up your time, try to find your niche in a different activity!

  1. Relive it.

You may not be able to suit up for the team, but you can still carve out times to play the sports you love. Concordia offers an abundance of intramurals so you can relive your glory days of that winning ace or buzzer-beater putback. Plum Creek Trail and Walz’s weight room and fitness center also provide opportunities to stay fit, even though it’s no longer a coach’s requirement.

  1. Memories live forever.

Been there. Done that. And guess what? The memory of the good times of high school sports are still with you. And there’s no shame in wearing that state championship sweatshirt, hanging up the medals, or talking about your athletic experiences of the past.

  1. ‘SKO DOGS!

You may not be participating, but you are still a Bulldog and you can still support your athletically gifted peers. So, go cheer and pump up the crowd at Concordia’s many home events!

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