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Home Features “Nerdy but Approachable” Math Club Makes Math Fun

by April Bayer 

The Concordia Math Club is an organization that provides discussion and activities for those who enjoy the study of mathematics or are looking for an opportunity to connect with others on campus.

“Math Club is cool, and we don’t do a lot of math. We do fun stuff,” junior and Math Club vice president Emma Heidorn said.

The club offers activities such as movie nights, seminars with guest speakers and construction projects.

The group also hosts an escape room during the spring semester. The event was popular with students last year as spots for teams filled up within a couple days and competition grew to see who would escape with the fastest time.

The club’s most recent project was the construction of a Platonic dodecahedron, a three-dimensional shape with twelve faces, using hula hoops, zip ties and rubber bands. The finished product included a smaller dodecahedron suspended in the center of a larger dodecahedron. The sculpture was displayed on TLEC Main Street for a week after it was completed and may eventually move to the library.

Past construction projects have included pencil sculptures and various types of origami.

“Math club is more about appreciation of math than doing math,” senior and Math Club president Cole Wohlgemuth said. “(It helps with) problem-solving skills and lets you meet new people. We’re the most introverted social group on campus.”

The club’s slogan for the year, which is featured on their t-shirts, is, “We’re nerdy but approachable.”

Upcoming events include a meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 14, an event where the group will work with Rubik’s cubes and a spring recruitment meeting.

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