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By Wyatt Kube and Erik Cumley   The Kubske podcast makes its return in time...
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Photo Courtesy of Sower Staff By Hannah Birtell   As students return to campus, student athletes also...
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By Wyatt Kube and Erik Cumley
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Photo courtesy of Sower staff. By Madi Smith   The women's basketball team played Dakota...
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By Wyatt Kube and Graham Friske Another look at November athletics on Concordia's campus.
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By Graham Friske and Wyatt Kube
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Photo by Kaytlyn Kindschy By Kaytlyn Kindschy   Injuries play a big part in the lives of...
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Photo by Lyric Allen By Graham Friske   Concordia’s campus is full of potential, with the majority...
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Photo Courtesy of CUNE Marketing Department By Madisen Smith   The golf and shooting sports teams have...
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By: Wyatt Kube and Graham Friske   CUNE athletics start off October steaming.
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Photo by Kenny Paetow By Kaytlyn Kindschy   Concordia’s men’s soccer team suffered...
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by Victoria Cameron   Men’s and women’s golf both opened their 2019 seasons with...