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Home Opinion “Ask Bruiser” What is your Favorite Piece of Art on Campus?

My statue is a masterpiece. Photo by Sower staff.

Editorial Staff


People always say that the beauty of art is in the eye of the beholder. There are a number of art­works that peo­ple across the world say are beautiful–the “Mona Lisa,” “Starry Night” and “The Last Supper” to name a few. There is also the artwork that Concordia art students create each semester in the Brommer Art Center.

Coming in at a close second would have to be the baptis­mal font inside of Weller. Each day as students walk into chap­el they are re­minded of their baptism and how their sins are washed away. Inside of the font are Bibelots that students can take with them to remind them that they are a child of God.

But the best piece of art on Concor­dia’s campus is the sculpture of Bruiser inside of Walz. This is because it embod­ies everything good about Concordia and myself. We are all proud to be Bulldogs and Bruiser is a physical representation of that. Walz is also the building where our very successful basketball teams play and we are very proud of them. It is a good representation of our school spirit. Once a Bulldog, always a Bulldog.

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