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Home News Bulldog Cheer Team Barely Lost to Hastings

Photo Courtesy of Sower Staff

By Wyatt Kube


The Bulldog Cheer team landed second place when they competed in a triad, a competition between three teams, on Wednesday as they faced Hastings and Peru State inside the PE Center Gym.  

The Bulldogs beat Peru State who finished with 51.5.  It was a close competition between Concordia and Hastings as it came down to the wire in scoring.  Concordia was led by coach Mandi Maser as they finished with a score of 66.50 only 1.05 points behind Hastings who finished in first with 67.55.

“I’d say that we were all excited for it,” said junior Dani Larsen. “A little stressed out as well with the possible last minute routine change.  We went on the mat and did the best we could.  I think we’ve all learned how we can’t let one competition affect us for the next one.”

Larsen also said the team wants to continue to show people what they are capable of doing. 

“We only have two competitions left and we are very excited for the changes that are coming and to show everyone how far we’ve come as a team.” Larsen said.

“We just want to show everyone that we do work hard for the things that we want and that has been showing in our scores and competitions this year,” said Larsen as the team looks to continue to make Concordia cheer history this season.

This marks the best score this season by the Bulldogs as their previous best score was 66.18 that they achieved in the Concordia Invite this past weekend.  The next dual for the Cheer team is against Doane at home inside the PE Center Gym on Feb. 20 at 3:30 p.m.

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