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Home News Concordia Student Clubs Must Submit Constitution to the Senate

Nora Betts

Sower Staff


Student Senate Treasurer Alec Johnston on Tuesday said each campus club must submit a club constitution to the Senate by Friday, Dec. 2 to be officially recognized by the Senate.

Club constitutions should include descriptions of what the club is and what it does, the officer positions and their responsibilities, requirements for club members, and any amendments, Johnston said. Well-established clubs should have preexisting constitutions available in their records.

Each club should email its constitution to

The Physical Campus Committee has created a survey addressing campus safety after concerns surfaced regarding dark outdoor spots on campus. The survey will be sent to the Student Life Office for approval and then to the student body to gather input on questions like “Do you feel safe on campus?”

“We can see what people are actually concerned about before we contact security,” Johnston said.

Discussion on the issue of campus safety will continue as the Senate analyzes student opinions.

The Special Concerns Committee emailed Chartwells to begin a conversation surrounding Doghouse swipe boxes. The swipe box program, which was discontinued two years ago due to budgeting concerns, offered a six-item menu at the Doghouse Grill that could be purchased with a meal swipe rather than Bulldog bucks.

Senate members are interested in restarting the program, but it cannot be directly implemented by the Senate. A meeting with Bob Agee, director of Dining Services, will be scheduled in the near future to discuss the idea.

The Public Relations Committee plans to post on the Student Senate Facebook page at least once a week as a part of its new social media campaign.

“PR is working to keep our social media up to date,” said President Julia Witt. Witt has said she hopes a successful social media campaign will encourage student involvement with the Senate.

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