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Home News Corrie’s House hosts a Stop the Silence Half Marathon

Photo Courtesy of Sower Staff

By Hannah Birtell


Corrie’s House is a nonprofit organization based out Twin Cities that exists to serve those who are stuck in the cycle of sex trafficking. They seek to offer long term assistance for residents so they gain life skills, education and a firm foundation in Christ. 

Corrie’s House is currently in the process of fundraising and development as they work to buy a home for their mission.

“Our goal is to be officially open around this time next year,” DCE intern at Corrie’s House, Anna Holle said. 

The Stop the Silence Half marathon has two main purposes this year. First and foremost, the purpose is to raise awareness for sex trafficking. The secondary purpose is to raise money to support Corrie’s House. 

“This is a unique fundraiser,” Holle said. “Most races only focus on the race themselves, but we are far more focused on the training process.”

Holle said all racers are added to a Facebook page where there are podcasts for people to listen to as they practice. These podcasts discuss topics such as sex trafficking, porn fueling the demand for sex trafficking, what people are doing to fight sex trafficking, the psychology of trauma and hearing the stories of survivors. The goal is that the runners in the race will learn more about the issue of sex trafficking but also see how they can make a difference. 

The creation of this race originated in COVID restrictions. Because they could not spread awareness and teach people about sex trafficking in their usual ways, the team at Corrie’s House came up with this half marathon. 

“Due to the huge support, it will likely become an annual thing,” Holle said. 

There are 164 racers coming from over 8 states, including Hawaii, Alaska, Slovakia and Concordia Seward. The racers from Concordia are seniors Jacob Garrison, Michael Grundstrom, Joshua Marlatt, Sarah Johnson, Michaela Dawn Regier and Avery Kesars, juniors Deborah Holle, Rosie Grothaus, Sarah Armbrust, Trenton Bruntz and Garret Drews, sophomores Ben Toenjes and Jack Rolland, and freshman Caleb Jalas. 

“When Anna (Holle) reached out and started posting about the run, I was excited because it wasn’t just another run that you gave money to,” Regier said. “They gave you actual resources to learn and educate yourself on human trafficking.”

Regier said that she wants to help educate people about the realities of human trafficking and support those who are fighting and restoring lives, just like Corrie’s House is doing. 

There are a number of ways that people can be involved in the ministry of Corrie’s House. 

“One of our biggest needs right now is monthly supporters,” Holle said. “We are asking people to partner with us and donate and pray for us each month. Even a donation of $1 or $5 a month, that is (the cost of) one large Mocha from Neutral Grounds, makes a huge difference.”

Other ways that people can be involved is to pray for a smooth opening to the house as well as praying for the girls that will be serviced by the house. Finally, raise awareness for sex trafficking and the mission of Corrie’s House.

To get involved with Corrie’s House, visit 


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