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Home News CUNE Hosts Biannual Speed Friendshipping Event

Students get to know each other at CBC’s Speed Friendshipping Event on Jan. 17.

Photos by Robin Consier


By Emma Holthus

Concordia’s Community Building Committee hosted its biannual Speed Friendshipping event in the Cattle Conference room on Jan. 17 from 6 to 8 p.m. The event was headed by Director of Health Services and Campus Nurse Andreea Baker.

“It is a peer-to-peer connection through an activity that is pretty laid back. We will have board games and snacks, and it’s just a time to connect. Bring a friend, and make a friend,” Baker said.

Speed Friendshipping is an event to help both new and old students connect with one another on Concordia’s campus. The event is hosted at the start of every semester as a way to help students reconnect with one another and to build relationships on campus.

“Wow, it was really fun. I liked meeting new people and playing games to take the stress load off a little bit,” senior Kaitlyn Stradtmann said.

Concordia’s Community Building Committee created Speed Friendshipping as a way to promote wellness and community on the university’s campus.

“In the culture we have right now, there is a lot of disconnection. Even though we are truly the most connected we have ever been, people are lacking that face-to-face connection,” Baker said. “It is one way, I thought, we could try to encourage people to connect face-to-face in a safe environment.”

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