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Students had the option to vote for their favorite during Concordia’s mock primary election. Two booths were set up, one in TLEC, and the other in Janzow Top. This event, which was hosted by the Law and Justice Club was held on March 1st, 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Official Results:

Presidential preference: Ben Carson 54, Marco Rubio 49, Ted Cruz 48, Bernie Sanders 43, Hillary Clinton 18, Donald Trump 17, John Kasich 9, Ben Sasse 2, Martin O’Malley 2, President Friedrich 1, Rand Paul 1, “me” 1.

Question 2: What is your opinion on the current relationship between religion and government now and in recent years?

Responses: Government has too much power 121, Power is equal amongst the two 65, Religion has too much power 19.

Question 3: How big of a role should government play in your life?

Responses: A moderate role 144, No role to minimum role 49, An active to very active role 11.

Question 4. What do you classify yourself as?

Responses: Conservative 107, Moderate 63, Liberal 17, Extremely conservative 14, Extremely liberal 5.

Question 5: With what party do you affiliate?

Responses: Republican 129, Independent 33, Democratic 25, None 16, Other 4.

Question 6: What is the best quality for president?

Responses: Candidate political views 159, Candidate experience 26, Other 11, Candidate promises 4, Candidate political party 3

Question 7: How well informed about political candidates and issues do you consider yourself?

Responses: Basically informed 117, Well informed 59, Not at all informed 29.

Question 8: Are you registered to vote?

Responses: Yes 155, No but I want to be 38, No 13.

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