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Nursing home residents play cards with CUNE student Victoria Cameron. Photo by Sonja Brandt

By Julia Witt


The Community Service Board of the Student Senate has started hosting game nights at local nursing homes for CUNE students to attend. 

“Game night is a fun opportunity for students to go play some games at local nursing homes,” junior Sara Kettelhake said. “All we do is go to the nursing home and play games for about an hour.”

The games nights are scheduled for once a week 6:30-7:30 p.m. throughout the semester. There is a sign up sheet across from the mailboxes in Janzow with dates and locations, and carpooling is arranged and provided for anyone planning to go. 

“Game night is for everyone because it’s a nice opportunity to relax and have fun for an hour out of the week,” Kettlehake said. “It will not only make the residents night more fun but also the students’.”

Participation in game night can also fulfill community service credit for school. 

“I know how much having people come see them there can mean to (the residents), especially younger people like us who don’t even have any actual connection to them,” Kettlehake said.  “There is so much to learn from the older generations and I think too often we get so busy with our own lives we forget to slow down and appreciate what they have to teach us.”


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