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Home Sports CUNE Tennis Spotlights Sophomore Isaac Howes

By Hannah Mather


Sophomore Isaac Howes of Shawnee, Kansas has been a game changer since he started Concordia’s tennis program in August of last year. This is due to his attitude and passion, which have led him to many victories, according to Graduate Assistant Men’s Tennis Coach Nikita Kostikov. 

Howes started playing tennis at the age of 13 when his grandfather, at that time a tennis coach at his high school, introduced him to the sport. He also had two older brothers that played tennis. However, he was originally interested in the sport of baseball. 

 “It worked out perfect that I didn’t make the baseball team,” Howes said. “So I had already known the tennis coach at that time and she allowed me to come try out and from there I slowly moved up throughout the season and end up on varsity.”

Howes was able to pick up a varsity starting spot and letter all four years of high school. He was voted captain of team his senior year. He gained several awards and medals, which led him to Concordia to play. 

He chose to come to Concordia due to the community that was presented by his teammates, coaches and classmates. He did not come here for Concordia’s specific affiliation, but faith as a whole was a draw. 

“I liked the area and knew that it wasn’t too far from home,” Howes said. 

Howes does not plan on going anywhere with tennis after his college career but knows that life is full of surprises. His peers and coaches  are excited to see what he has left in store for this year and the rest of his college career. 

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