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Spanish Bible study helps participants learn how to share the gospel in another language. Photo by Jenna O’Laughlin.


by Jayme Lowe


Junior Rosa Gonzales, a native Spanish speaker from Peru, began a new Spanish Bible study in Jonathan lounge this year.

Each week so far, there have been five to 10 attendees. They begin with two songs in Spanish and a prayer of welcome. They then dive into the study of the Bible. So far, they have been focusing on missions and how to serve in our daily lives.

“It provides a great opportunity to worship in Spanish and talk about God,” junior participant Grace Stultz said. “It’s also a great way to practice your Spanish skills.”

Gonzales has challenged the members to read the book of John in Spanish using copies donated to the group. After the Bible study, they sing two more worship songs in Spanish, pray the Lord’s Prayer in Spanish and close with another prayer.

“I tried to develop a Bible study that includes music, because it is hard to learn another language. I know it by experience so in my opinion, if you want to praise God it can be through music,” Gonzales said.

If your Spanish skills are a little weak, but you still want to join, Gonzales does her best to translate as they go along.

“I try to lead all the Bible study in Spanish, but I definitely translate so it’s understandable,” Gonzales said. “But I am very proud to say that students try their best to answer in Spanish, and it makes me very happy to see them trying.”

Gonzales emphasized that the Bible study, while in Spanish, is for anyone with a want to grow closer to God and improve their skills for the mission field.

“This Bible study is to encourage students to serve God and to serve our neighbors, no matter race, ethnicity or language,” Gonzales said.

For more information about the Spanish Bible study, contact Rosa Gonzales at


Editor’s note: The spelling of Rosa Gonzales’ name has been corrected since the article’s original publication.

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