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President Brian Friedrich speaks during the dedication ceremony of the Reformation art mural. Photo by John Hicks.


by Hope Moural


The dedication of a newly revealed art mural, created in honor of the Reformation, took place on Oct. 24 on the main floor of the Thom Leadership Education Center.

The mural was created by five Concordia faculty members: Jim Bockelman, Seth Boggs, Justin Groth, Don Robson and Lynn Soloway.

“It’s my hope that people investigate and wonder about the piece,” Assistant Professor of Art Justin Groth said. “I hope they engage in the works and spend time looking and thinking deeply about it.”

Groth says the mural will be displayed in TLEC for at least a year.

The mural is made up of five individual pieces, which are up for interpretation for every person that views them. It is one of the many events happening over the course of this year in order to prepare for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation on Oct. 31, 2017.

“I hope you take time thinking, pondering and reflecting on this piece in order to see the mission statement of the Lutheran church,” President Brian Friedrich said during the dedication ceremony.

The art mural is located right outside the TLEC Auditorium so that passersby can catch a glimpse of the artwork and be reminded of the Reformation.

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