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Photo courtesy of Sower staff.

By Kaytlyn Kindschy


Students in Concordia’s music department shared their studies and talents with friends, family and fellow students during the Honor Recital and Composer’s Recital, showcasing multiple instruments and vocal ranges. 

The Honor Recital is one event of many that the music department puts on throughout the year. While the recital is not a part of a grade, students share pieces that they have worked on since the start of the semester with their supporters. Some pieces they perform solo while others were accompanied by Associate Professor of Music Elizabeth Grimpo.

“Sometimes they perform the same pieces for other performances, either on or off campus,” Grimpo said. “Other times they might perform their pieces for small groups of friends or family.” 

Along with the Honor Recital, students also participated in the Composer’s Recital that was hosted by composition students at Concordia on Nov. 5. 

Students who have been working with Music Instructor David von Kampen to compose their own pieces shared their works with audience members Tuesday night. 

Other music students helped these composers bring their pieces to life through their vocal and instrumental talents. 

“All of the composers are really passionate and they put their heart into their piece,” senior Whitney Borchardt said. “They direct it how they want it heard.” 

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