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Home News Over 100 students and faculty attend Sophomore tailgate

Hope Nelson

Sower Staff


More than 100 faculty and staff gathered for Concordia’s annual Sophomore Tailgate before the homecoming football game, enjoying a cookout and games.

The event, which is open only to sophomores, is held as a way for faculty and staff to show their appreciation for students.

“We’ve just kept it going all these years out of tradition and out of a way to kind of show affection for the students, ”said Dean of Arts and Sciences Dr. Brent Royuk, who was head emcee.

Assistant Professor of Music Robert Cody, who served as the other emcee, said his favorite thing about sophomores was that “they came back to college for another year!”

The event was packed with students not long after it started. By 5 p.m. students filled the picnic tables set up along the east side of Concordia’s football field and enjoyed “good food and good company,” as sophomore Hannah Ethridge put it.

Royuk and Cody started the first games soon after. The first one had sophomores win Beanie Babies by guessing whether a coin flip would result in a heads or a tails. After a few rounds and a few Beanie Babies won, they switched games. Next, they invited four pairs of roommates to volunteer for what Royuk described as similar to the game show “The Newlywed Game.”

After a few more rounds of coin-flip-guessing, with awards of candy bars and more Beanie Babies, it was time for the football game.

“The last part of the tradition for me,” said Royuk, “is now a run up to the press box, because I’ve been doing football stats for 29 years!”

Student attendees seemed to enjoy the event.

“Did you know that ‘sophomore’ means ‘wise fool?’” asked sophomore Grace Donnelly. Several others at her picnic table laughed. “I have some advice for freshmen. Bring your roommate, if you dare,” Donnelly said, referencing the emcees’ version of “The Newlywed Game.”

Many of the students and professors watched the game against Briar Cliff University, which the Bulldogs won 35-23.

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