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Senior Aaron Fosse giving his State of the Campus address to the Senate body. 

Photo credit: Kayla Korb

By Nora Betts


The Student Senate president used his State of the Campus Address on Tuesday to commend officers, representatives and the campus community for their work with projects, such as the outdoor chapel, park cleanup and mural installation, that were accomplished during the 2023-2024 school year.

President and graduating senior Aaron Fosse also swore in the 2024-2025 Senate officers and encouraged them to continue the unfinished efforts of installing a cross at the outdoor chapel and canceling Maundy Thursday night classes.

In the fall semester, Treasurer and head of the Physical Campus Committee Alec Johnston led the installation of a firepit at the new outdoor chapel behind David Hall.

The outdoor chapel project began in the 2022 spring semester. Fosse said the final step will be installing a cross designed by junior Hannah Helmer. He said Helmer plans to construct the cross with help from the Center for Liturgical Art and materials from Hughes Brothers.

Vice President and head of the Community Service Committee Victoria Perry organized and volunteered with 20 students in a cleanup of Plum Creek Park on April 12. The event was part of a month-long Nebraska District LCMS Servant Event called SHINE!

The Senate commissioned the Art Club to create a temporary mural of Concordia’s theme verse for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2023-2024 theme verse is Matthew 5:13-16, which talks about Christians being the salt of the earth. The mural was installed in four parts on a brick wall next to Founders Hall which can be removed and repainted in following years.

“This semester we were able to resurrect an ancient and beloved tradition on this campus,” said Fosse. “For the first time since COVID, our theme verse was creatively brought to life by murals which hang outside Founders.”

Secretary and head of the Public Relations Committee Emma VanTol boosted views on Student Senate Instagram posts by using the “collaborate” feature to link content with club social media accounts.

“The events of this campus have received much more attention now than they have in years past due to the collaboration feature on Instagram, which was brought to our attention by Secretary Emma VanTol,” Fosse said.

Fosse also swore in the 2024-2025 Senate officers: President Joshua Burmeister, Vice President Quinlan Hendrickson, Treasurer Emma VanTol, and Secretary Kayla Korb.

Fosse said the new administration will handle two ongoing Senate efforts, to install a cross at the outdoor chapel and cancel Maundy Thursday night classes. Students have brought concerns to the Senate for two years about professors holding night classes on Maundy Thursday, making it difficult to attend church services.

Fosse ended his State of the Campus Address with a combination of sincerity and humor.

“I know how sorely you all will miss me and the gaping hole in my heart from this organization will require more than a few minutes of convalescence,” Fosse said. “May the saints of Dunklau and Brommer be with your champions and the monument of Jesse give you shade as you walk toward Weller.”

He concluded his presidency with the prayer “May God bless you, and God bless Concordia.”

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