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Home News Students Express Frustrations in Aftermath of Record-Breaking Snowfall

Photo Courtesy of Janis Buelow

By Janis Buelow


Concordia University, Nebraska faced its first heavy snowfall of the semester on Monday, Jan. 25, as students returned for the third week of classes.

Snowfall totals in Seward reached anywhere from 10 inches in some areas to as high as 15 inches, with drifts climbing even higher. Snowfall totals in Omaha reached 11.9 inches, the most in a calender

Many of the surrounding school districts closed campuses, including St. John’s Lutheran and all Seward and Lincoln public schools. 

Select offices at Concordia, including the Student Life Office, were closed early at 1:00 pm Monday. However, Concordia students were required to still attend in-person classes if at all possible. Official campus visits were also conducted in person on Monday.

On Tuesday, Jan. 26, classes before 9:30 am were canceled. However, students were encouraged by professors to assess whether or not they felt safe to return to campus.

“With the late start, I encourage students to use their best judgement on traveling to campus,” CUNE Provost Dr. Tim Preuss said in an email to students, “should you feel it’s not practical nor safe to travel to campus, please contact your professors to be excused.”

Students had mixed reactions to the late cancellation, with many citing other college campuses who had completely closed for the snow.

“The administrative offices even closed at 1:00 p.m. but afternoon classes weren’t cancelled,” senior Hayden Renser said.

Students, such as sophomore Faith Jonas, expressed similar frustrations.

“The snowfall is great, but it seems odd that they are making us go to class and taking a half day for the administration office,” Jonas said. 

While some professors chose to teach in person, a few decided to meet online.

“A lot of my professors didn’t meet in person,” senior Sarah Ragland said, “but we had online class which was appreciated!”

Other students, such as freshman Abby Nugent, appreciated the snow instead of just focusing on classes.

“I love the snow! I hope we have more soon,” Nugent said.

Seward received another inch of snow Tuesday night and more is expected on Saturday.

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