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Photo courtesy of Janis Wagner.

By Janis Wagner


Students battled against each other at the fall semester Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament this past Friday, with more than 25 students participating in the event.

Senior Jacob Harding took the first place slot, with junior Jeremy Doose following in second.

“You could literally smell the testosterone,” sophomore Trent Bruntz said. “It was really cool to see how into it everyone was.”

The Super Smash Bros. Tournament was hosted in the Jonathan lounge, featuring five unique Nintendo Switch setups for players to duke it out.

Not all players were there to get the win, however, as some were only there to improve their skills at Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

“I really enjoy playing Super Smash Brothers,” junior Dane Wolfgram said. “It’s really cool coming to these tournaments where everyone can come and show their respect for the game and have a good time.”

There were other games there to keep the tension low: some groups brought board games such as Catan and the melee version of Smash Bros. on Nintendo GameCube. Players could take a break from their rounds in order to reset their minds before their next battles.

The tournament is a random-draw style, with each player having two chances to lose before they are eliminated from the tournament. After the first loss, players then battle in the “losers bracket” where they have another shot at the gold. 

Tournament rules mean that all items are off, there are select stages that are deemed fair for all players, each player has three lives and there is no final smash. Players also have to win two out of three matches, with only the final two survivors playing a game of five. This keeps the tournament equal and based purely on a player’s own skill level of the game.

The next tournament is rumored to be in the spring semester, with all students invited to try out their skills on the Switch, regardless of how much they have played Smash previously. 

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