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Home News Updated Sanctions for Marijuana Use

By Mary Wheeler

Updated drug violation sanctions have been added to the 2015-2016 student handbook to accommodate the rise of marijuana-related infractions on campus.
The sanction, outlined in the handbook, now states that if a student is caught with marijuana, the student must go through random drug testing and be put on probation. Discretion will be used for each individual case.
“[With this new update], students will have a better framework for what the penalties are,” Director of Student Development Rehema Kavugha said.
The sanction changes marijuana use from the point system Concordia previously used to a propation-based system.
Alcohol violation sanctions were also updated to a probation-based offense system.

Marijuana Violation Procedure

First Violation: $100 fine plus cost of mandatory drug testing, 6-10 months probation, drug education, parents notified.
Second Violation:
$200 fine pus cost of mandatory drug testing, 10-15 month probation, drug evaluation and recommendations from it, parents notified.
Third Violation:
appearance before a student conduct board before suspension or expulsion from the university.

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