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Home Features Variety Show Displays Diverse Talents of Concordia Students

by Haley Wallace and Abigail Wisniewski


Students packed Weller Auditorium on Wednesday, Oct. 5 to enjoy the singing, dancing, storytelling, acting, videography and comedy talents at the annual Homecoming Variety Show.

“What I love about the variety show is you’re going to see athletes, you’re going to see musicians, you’re going to see artists, you’re going to see all of these different majors, and maybe that’s what they’re here for but they have these awesome passions in other things,” Rehema Kavugha, director of student development said. “The variety show is a great way to share those passions.”

The variety show serves as an opportunity for students to gather during the week, which for senior Beto Barrientos also gives students a break from the stress of school.

“It’s not exactly midterms yet, but semesters progress efficiently so we’re already being stressed out by tests and projects,” Barrientos said. “This gives us a chance to kind of relieve ourselves and give students a chance to express what they’ve been working on outside of class.”

Barrientos and senior Jens Acamo served as MCs for the event, entertaining the crowd with jokes and banter between acts. This was Barriento’s second year as an MC for the variety show.

The event also featured the crowning of the homecoming king and queen, which went to seniors Cameron Christiansen and Angie Steinbacher.

“It’s pretty cool. I was a little surprised,” Christiansen said. “There were a lot of good guys on the court, but I’m very honored to be put in such a position.”

“Homecoming is an opportunity to celebrate who we are as Concordia and an opportunity for students to recognize not just the athletes,” Kavugha said. “It’s not about just what happens on the field or on the court on Saturday, but it’s also an opportunity throughout the week to come together and be proud of Concordia, and all it’s diversity in that aspect.”


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