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Home Opinion “Ask Bruiser” Is Cereal A Soup?

Cereal, unlike most soups, comes in a box. Photo by Sonja Brandt.

Editorial Staff


The answer depends on how we define cereal and can only be determined through a series of other questions. Does cereal encompass cold cereal as well as hot cereal, like oatmeal? Is soup cold? Or rather should soup be cold? Does soup have to be savory? Soup can be milk or water based, but can cereal? Let us consider the possibilities.

Soup is hot, but cereal is cold. This suggests that cereal cannot be a soup. However, we must contemplate that oatmeal is a cereal, and that oatmeal is hot. Therefore, we must take into account that oatmeal can be a soup. If oatmeal is a soup and a cereal, then cereals can be soups.

By this logic, since soup is hot and cereal is cold, things that are hot can be cold. Perhaps the transitive property of equality does not entirely apply after all.

Based on these evidences, the answer cannot be determined.

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