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Home Features “Ask Bruiser” What is Country Music Really About?

Editorial Staff

The thing about country music is that it can be about anything, so long as it is arguably related to the country in some way. And the country has a lot in it!

There’s crops and fields, of course. The farming aspect of country is exemplified in “International Harvester.”

There are trucks, death and grieving. Those things don’t necessarily all go together, but they do in “I Drive Your Truck,” and they’re all common features of country music.

There is also love and lack thereof, stories about anything, money, strangers, dogs and the wonders of country living, such as partying and hoedowns. There are many combinations of these things in too many country songs to name.

There is also one common country music theme missing from our short, noncomprehensive list. Maybe you can guess what it is!

There is also a lot of empty space in the country, which leads to a lot of thinking. This means that anything you can think of in the country, is something that a country song could be about. So really, country music is about anything a country person can dream of.

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