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Home Arts & Culture ‘Between Surface and Time’ Now in Marxhausen

William Wolfram, Emeritus Professor of Art, discusses his process of learning to make digital pieces at the Marxhausen Gallery of Art. Photo by Kim Sleeper.

  • by Macey Kroeger


For Concordia’s 125th anniversary, the Marxhausen Gallery of Art commemorated William Wolfram and Richard Wiegmann, two of the university’s emeriti professors. Both served as Professors of Art for over forty years, teaching hundreds of students throughout their service at Concordia.

The Marxhausen Gallery held a reception on Nov. 11 to celebrate Wolfram and Wiegmann. Professor of Art and Director of Marxhausen Gallery of Art James Bockelman was one of the speakers at the event and had a lot to say about various compositions in the gallery.

Senior Micah Symmank studies one of Richard Wiegmann’s pieces in the Marxhausen Gallery of Art. Photo by Kim Sleeper

Bockelmann gave a speech in honor of Wiegmann who was not present at the event. He had quite a lot to say about a couple of Wiegmann’s pieces.

“Wiegmann was excited about (the) jarring juxtaposition of two or three or four different realities coexisting at one time,” Bockelman said.

One of the student gallery assistants, junior Brooke Gettman, was in attendance at the reception.

“It’s nice to have the visual impact of all of it together, and cool to see that it was former Concordia professors,” Gettman said.

Wolfram was at the reception to talk about his pieces hanging in the gallery. Wolfram also donated two of his digital cross prints as part of a raffle that took place during the event.

Wolfram’s series of works composed of three pieces titled “Regeneration” received a prestigious award. He spoke about the different processes he went through when creating several of his works.

“A lot of the pieces I made at the time were through painting and sanding them; making a mistake with the painting, cleaning it up, and discovering what was happening,” Wolfram said.

The north side of the Marxhausen Gallery of Art displays Richard Wiegmann’s work. Photo by Kim Sleeper.

Some of Wiegmann’s serigraphs and etchings are for sale in the Marxhausen Gallery. The exhibition will be up in the gallery until Dec. 12. It is open Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., free of admission.

For more information on Wolfram’s works, visit his website.

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