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Home Sports Bulldog Dance and Cheer See Success at CIT

Hope Nelson
Sower Staff


The Concordia Nebraska dance team came in first in their event with a score of 60.05, and the cheer team came in second in their event with a score of 79.04 after facing Concordia Wisconsin, Concordia Ann Arbor and Concordia Chicago Saturday as part of the 2023 Concordia Invitational Tournament.

In both the dance and the cheer event, Concordia Ann Arbor performed first, followed by Wisconsin, Chicago and Nebraska. At the end of the cheer competition, CUW had a score of 45.5, CUC had a score of 64.5, and CUNE had a score of 79.04, just short of CUAA’s winning score of 79.12.

At the end of the dance competition, CUW had a score of 47.75, CUAA had a score of 52.52, CUC had a score of 55.87, and CUNE came out on top with a score of 60.05.

Participants in the CIT dance and cheer competition said they enjoyed the event.

“It’s really fun,” said one member of the CUW cheer team. “We haven’t been here before.”

While the teams were waiting for the final announcement of scores, they entertained themselves by dancing to the music that was playing and racing to have a team member tie their shoe while being held in midair.

CUNE’s dance and cheer coach Mandi Maser said the day was a success.

“It went awesome. I think that this cheer and dance competition… is the best one that has happened,” Maser said. “We obviously are very proud of CIT, and it is a great atmosphere, and our student athletes are the ones responsible for really carrying that through.”

Next, the CUNE cheer and dance teams will compete against Doane University and other Great Plains Athletic Conference schools at the Doane University Invite on Feb. 3.

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