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Home News Concordia athletes cross the finish line early

Sower sports writer Darien Semedo crosses the stage at Concordia’s Athletic Commencement. 

By Josiah Horvath


Concordia held its Athletic Commencement on Tuesday for 27 athletes graduating with a bachelor’s degree this spring.

Regular commencement ceremonies are on Saturday. President Dr. Bernard Bull awarded the degrees to the athletes.

“Each of your lives from this point on are in one way expressing Concordia’s mission,” said Bull. “You are now and forever will be a Concordian.”

The mission statement of Concordia is to be “an excellent academic and Christ-centered community equipping men and women for lives of learning, service and leadership in the church and world.”

“It’s not actually possible for us to fulfill that mission here on campus alone,” said Bull. “You graduates are the fulfillment of that mission.”

After the benediction, a select student from each team was allowed to sound the bell, something which is unusual for commencement ceremonies but is based on a pre-existing tradition in which if there is a victory at the end of a game, the bell would be rung.

“These four years went by way quick. It’s surprising how fast,” said graduate and Sower sports writer Darien Semedo, a track and field athlete. “But it is going to be at the end, and be ready for the next step, so I’m excited.”

Semedo said his next step is to aim for a master’s degree public health at Concordia Nebraska.

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