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#4 Taysha Rushton takes a three-point shot.   

Photo Courtesy of Olivia Dunklau 

By Olivia Dunklau


The Bulldogs came out on top 65-59 against Briar Cliff University from Sioux City, Iowa, at home Saturday night. 

Coming back from their nail-biting loss to Morningside, the Bulldogs headed into Saturday’s game tied with Briar Cliff in second place, in the Great Plains Athletic Conference standings. 

“Defensively, we make adjustments depending on the team we are playing,” said Assistant Coach Tae’lor Purdy-Korell. “Just as a team we are getting better every day.”

The Chargers and Bulldogs fought for the lead back and forth in the first half. At the end of the first quarter, the Bulldogs had the lead 15-13. Nailing the three-pointers was freshman Taysha Rushton. Rushton hit five of her attempted seven three-pointers, easily helping the Bulldogs’ score rise. Junior Taylor Cockerill offensively hit double digits in total points with 15. 

Junior Mackenzie Koepke played a solid defensive game with seven defensive rebounds for the Bulldogs. Koepke earned a total of nine points for the team. 

“We were just continuing to focus on our defensive execution,” Korell said. “We also focused on shutting down the four Briar Cliff players that we felt were a threat offensively. We worked to limit our turnovers coming into the second half.”

After losing to Briar Cliff earlier this season, the Bulldogs made sure to not let this game slip through the cracks. The physicality was shown by both teams. Cockerill had her own eight total rebounds while also making nine of her 14 shots at the free-throw line. Koepke and Cockerill both contributed four assists each in the game as well. 

Holding out to the finish, the Bulldogs came out on top 65-59, holding the Chargers by a close six points. The Bulldogs will play again on Jan. 28, at home in Freidrich Arena. 

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