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Home Arts & Culture Concordia Actors Join the Community for a Musical Hit

by Bethany Schilling


Concordia students performed with Seward locals in a community production of “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” from Oct. 27-30.

This upbeat show follows a day in the life of Charlie Brown through a series of musical vignettes. Full of energy and laughs, it explores the ups and downs of childhood through the beloved characters of Charles Schulz’s “Peanuts”.

Directed by Matthew Lawton, the musical took place at the Olde Glory Theatre in downtown Seward and was put on by a cast of both college students and Seward locals.

Those who took part learned how to build set, do lights and make props on their own—a new experience for students branching out of the Concordia Theatre Department for the first time.

“It was a whole different ballpark for me,” said junior Tyler Raabe (Charlie Brown).  “I’ve never had a lead role before.”

Other Concordia actors include sophomore Dane Pedersen as Schroeder, Aaron Carlson as Linus, senior Lindsey LaMountain as Lucy and Taylor Kaiewel as Freida. Locals include Rebekah Lawton as Sally and Angela Kaspar as Snoopy.

“The cast is a lot of fun people,” Pedersen said. This was Pedersen’s first time being in a musical.

Audience members got to watch the performance from tables decorated with “Peanuts” memorabilia that added to the positive mood of the show.

“It was a lively atmosphere,” said audience member Clara Heineke. “The connection between the cast members was really impressive.”

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