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1. The name of CUNE’s mascot: BRUISER
3. Warm up to your new group with this activity: ICEBREAKER
4. An imbedded URL, or the building where you can do research: LINK
5. CUNE was founded in eighteen ninety-FOUR
7. Campus burger joint, or 1-Across’ home: DOG HOUSE
8. Home of most science classes and lots of glass rooms: DUNKLAU
9. CUNE’s newest building: BORLAND
11. 10-Down’s father, and a professors’ office building: JESSE
12. CUNE sports exclamation: SKO DAWGS
13. 10-Down’s best friend, and an apartment-style dorm: JONATHAN
15. Hit the gym, the court, or the bleachers here: WALZ
16. Start a campus tour or go to chapel here: WELLER


1. Breed of 1-Across: BULLDOG
2. “RING by SPRING,” the rhyming phenomenon of Christian college couples
5. CUNE’s oldest building: FOUNDERS
6. Body of water with a matching trail: PLUM CREEK
10. Israel’s second king, and a women’s dorm: DAVID
12. The Student SENATE, your campus government
13. Swipe and dine here: JANZOW
14. CUNE’s mountain you don’t want to climb for an 8 a.m.: THOM

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