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Luke Lang (left) telling Andrew Ring (right) the job of the playwright to open the show on Friday night.

Photo credit: Kayla Korb

By Mi-Ree Zwick


CUNE senior Adam Prince directed an audience-interactive play “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (30 Plays in 60 Minutes)” for the theatre department’s final performance of the school year.

The play itself does not have an overarching plot. There are 30 plays in 60 minutes and each play has their own individual characters, purpose, and story. Prince says that the “heart” of the play is the audience interaction and the “little bit of chaos” that was inspired by the Neo-Futurist Theater who wrote and produced the original play.

“The whole show – even coming in and coming out – is all part of the experience,” said freshman actress Marieka Kaufman. Before the show starts, audience members are given a name tag with an individualized silly nickname and roll a die to get a random snack.

Madee Hudson-Knowlton describes the play as “eclectic.” The style was different from what she was familiar with as an actress.

“It was such a fun time, especially with the audience participation,” she said. She enjoyed not being so “locked into having to play a character” in each of the scenes. Hudson-Knowlton revealed that she felt less nervous than she would normally because of the amount of fun that the cast had on stage along with the audience.

Kaufman agreed that the play’s format added both chaos and excitement.

“It’s very chaotic, very fun. It’s really different and I really think people should definitely come and see it too or see plays similar because it is just such a special experience,” said Kaufman.

Freshman Ellen Klintworth, the “friendly neighborhood chemistry major,” enjoyed being able to have fun and be a part of the play, even getting the opportunity to be pulled onto the stage and into the scene.

“I was a little shocked at first, but honestly, I just kind of ran with it because I knew basically all of the people up there. I just kind of said… you know what? Why not? Let’s go for it,” Klintworth said.

“I loved the energy,” said community member Justin Baldinger. He added that “we don’t have enough” plays with this type of energy.

“It’s my last ever theater thing at Concordia. It’s bittersweet. I am honored to have been able to direct and act in the show,” said Prince. “If this [play] is going to be my last one, I’m glad that it’s this.”

There will be two more performances of “Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (30 Plays in 60 Minutes)” on April 20 at 6 p.m. and April 21 at 1 p.m.

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