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1 locations, like on the internet or at an archeological dig
6 *teach middle schoolers to play ukulele: ___ Education
9 follow the lyrics on screen; it’ll probably be embarrassing
10 International Space Station, abbr.
11 US war from 1955-1975, slang
13 garden tool for digging (get your mind out of the gutter)
14 what you might call a son with his father’s name
15 expression of gratitude, text abbr.
16 opposite of tighten
18 “hit me up,” text abbr.
20 “you,” en español
21 to clean, like your face or your clothes
23 *make niche literary references
26 animal sacrificed in the place of Isaac
27 *know way too much about the Roman Empire
29 address if you don’t have a home mailbox: “__ Box 1234”
30 afterthought when writing a letter, abbr.
31 Shakespearean lover boy
35 little icon that conveys an emotion
36 *help athletes with physical therapy or coach pilates: ___ Science
37 South Carolina, abbr.

1 sarcastic response to the question “What’s up?”: “The ___”
2 Nebraska’s most hated state, abbr.
3 group of three
4 tripod to hold up an artist’s canvas
5 distress signal . . . _ _ _ . . .
6 lists of restaurant options
7 *wear a white collar and write sermons: Pre-___
8 *play the absolute banger Thy Strong Word on organ, two words
12 once again
13 song sung in church
14 a fight between knights on horseback
15 *get really excited about a local production of Twelfth Night
17 Elisha ___, inventor of the elevator (just Google it)
19 sound of disgust or annoyance
22 Salvation Army or South America, abbr.
24 something of little value, slang: “What am I, chopped ___?”
25 prepare for disappointment: “Don’t get your ___ up”
28 it wasn’t built in a day
30 pajamas, for short
32 one animal yoked to another
33 what narcissists think: “Everything is about ___”
34 Orange City or Ocean City, abbr.

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