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Home Sports Concordia Football Triumphs Over Jamestown

Madeline Peters

Sower Staff


The Concordia Football team defeated the Jamestown University Jimmies 30-15 Saturday afternoon at Bulldog Stadium. The game started off strong for the Bulldogs with an interception by sophomore Lukas Coe, setting the mood for the rest of the game.


The first quarter had some back and forth between interceptions and fumbles, but sophomore quarterback D.J. McGarvie managed a cross-field drive to score the first points of the game. McGarvie even scored the touchdown, rushing three yards to put Concordia on the board. McGarvie threw a 42-yard pass to senior Korrell Koehlmoos for another touchdown shortly after.


Concordia also kicked a field goal in the second quarter with 16 seconds on the clock to bring the half-time score to 16-0.


Sophomore Austin Jablonski scored the third touchdown of the game shortly into the third quarter off a 14-yard rush. However, the ideal of a Bulldog sweep soon ended as the Jimmies managed to fire off a 38-yard pass to bring the score to 23-7.


Jamestown managed another touchdown and a 2-point conversion right as the fourth quarter started, slashing Concordia’s lead to eight points. The Bulldogs responded with another touchdown scored by junior Devin Zeigler off a 3-yard rush. The Concordia defense managed to hold off Jamestown for the rest of the game.


McGarvie initiated almost all of the plays Saturday afternoon. He had a 68 percent pass completion rate and threw for 393 yards. Zeigler had the most rushing yards of the game with 67, his largest gain being 20 yards. Koehlmoos had the most receiving yards of the day with 130, his largest gain being 42 yards. Junior Carson Arline followed behind with 103 receiving yards.


Koehlmoos achieved 172 career receiving passes during this game, overtaking Ross Wurdeman for the individual record. 


“It’s humbling. It’s a lot of work put into it,” Koehlmoos said, “A lot of trust in my teammates to get to that record, so it’s a team record more than an individual record.”


Concordia football’s record is now 2-3 and they next face Mount Marty University at Bulldog Stadium on Oct. 15 for Parent’s Day at 1 p.m.

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