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Home News CUNE Alumna is Newest Faculty Addition

Photo Courtesy of Kaytlyn Kindschy

By Kaytlyn Kindschy


Concordia University, Nebraska Alumna, Amy Hubach, is the newest faculty addition to the Director of Christian Education program on campus as the Internship Site Coordinator and an Assistant Professor.

Along with placing DCE interns in their internship positions and assigning them their sites, Hubach also teaches courses on campus including Psychology 101, Introduction to DCE Ministries, Family Ministry, and Parish Education and Program Evaluation.

“I graduated from here in 2001 with a degree in DCE,” Hubach said. “For my master’s degree, I graduated from Northwestern Nazarene and studied Clinical Counseling with an emphasis in Trauma, Crisis and Grief.”

Before continuing her career on Concordia’s campus, Amy spent six years serving as a DCE at Grace Lutheran Church in Pocatello, Idaho and continued to serve as a DCE for 13 more years at Grace Lutheran Church in Caldwell, Idaho. 

Hubach said that she spends a majority of her weekends traveling so that she can interview churches for DCE placements which can sometimes interfere with her classes. 

“I love teaching and traveling,” Hubach said. “Some places are far enough away that I have to leave on a Thursday so I have had to record lectures that I have students listen to and I’ll ask questions that they have to answer in an email to me for their participation points.”

When she travels to churches for interviews, Hubach said she is trying to get a feel for what their ministry is, what their purpose and goals are, and what opportunities an intern will have to do ministry at the site.

“It’s about a four hour interview and I interview the supervisor, the ministry team, lay leaders and then I end with the supervisor again,” Hubach said. “Then I interview all of the interns as well and match them, praying that it will be the right site and that’s where God wants them to be.” 

Amy said she is happy to be back at Concordia and to meet and connect with students.

“My door is always open for anyone who would like to meet me and talk to me.” Hubach said.


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