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Eden Dehne

Sower Staff


Concordia has a number of new faculty members this year. Let’s meet Director of Field Experience and Assistant Professor of Education Jerrita Staehr.


Q: What is your full official title?

A: Director of Field Experience and Assistant Professor of Education


Q: Where are you from?

A: I am originally from Oklahoma, and many of my family members continue to live in that state. I graduated from Concordia Nebraska in 1995 and from Missouri Southern University in 2008. My husband and I have taught in Missouri, Illinois and Nebraska.


Q: What brought you to Concordia?

A: Concordia Nebraska has adopted the mission of equipping servant leaders for both the Church and the community. This ministry extends beyond the classroom and touches the lives of our brothers and sisters in Christ on the campus. The students not only are preparing for a career, but also an important calling to be a light in the darkness. It is a privilege, through the grace of God, to have the opportunity to share the Gospel message and to serve young people preparing for their vocations at Concordia.


Q: What can students expect from you in class?

A: In the courses which I teach, the students can expect that we will construct learning together. A goal for my classes is to provide avenues for students to learn how to think for themselves, solve problems and propose creative solutions. Becoming a teacher includes linking theory to practice and merging the art and science of teaching into a personal style that encompasses the full spectrum of knowledge, skills and dispositions. Students can expect to explore this in my classes and to learn to take the perspective of an educator.

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