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Eden Dehne

Sower Staff


Concordia has a number of new faculty members this year. Let’s meet Assistant Professor of Music Robert Cody.


Q: What is your full official title?

A: My title is Assistant Professor of Music; Band Conductor.


Q: Where are you from?

A: I was originally born in Alamosa, Colorado and was in Frankenmuth, Michigan at St. Lorenz Lutheran Church and School before this.


Q: What brought you to Concordia?

A: I was called to come to Concordia to help raise up the next generation of teachers and church workers, seeking to help students discover the beauty, value, and power of God’s gift of music and to help them play to the best of their ability.


Q: What can students expect from you in class?

A: Students in my class can expect to be challenged but supported. I care for each of my students deeply and have high expectations for each of them because I see the potential they bring to the table. They can expect to explore the intersection of faith and music, to reflect on their lives and their faith, and to be reminded of the grace we have in Christ. They can expect to make meaningful connections to the pieces we perform, the people they perform with, and to know more about the world around them because of their time in class.

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