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Home Blog Dot’s Dish #8: Productivity

By Dorothy Cook


Guess who’s back and better than ever? That’s right, it’s me, and today we’re going to talk about productivity. As someone who considers herself “mildly productive on a good day”, this article will be good for all of us. Let’s get into it. 

According to, “productivity” is defined as, “the quality, state, or fact of being able to generate, create, enhance, or bring forth goods and services”. A better definition straight from the brain of myself is, “getting your lazy behind off your couch and doing something that contributes to your overall well being.”. Yeah, mine is much better… sorry 

Now, I have a great relationship with my bed which means anything that requires me to part from it is a big deal. The trick is to find something that motivates you to get your stuff done. For me, that motivation is food. My internal dialogue goes something like this: 

My Brain: “You’ve got to do the dishes.”

Also my Brain: “But I’m so warm and cozy… and the dishes are so far away.”

My Brain: “You promised Emily you’d get them done before she gets home. Also, you can get a snack while you’re up as a treat for doing the dishes.”

Also my Brain: “SNACK. Say no more.”

My Brain: “Nobody said anything dude. This is all in your head.”

Some other motivating factors to consider could be: the possibility of getting fired if you don’t get up for work, failing an assignment if you don’t do it on time, beating yourself up if you don’t get that workout in you were “totally going to do today”, or your roommate being grumpy if you don’t take out the trash like you said you would. Now that we know the possible bad outcomes of not being productive, let’s dive into how we can start being more productive (miracles don’t happen overnight, baby steps my friends). 

Here are a few ways to be more productive according to 

  1. Make a reasonable to-do list
  2. Set small goals for tasks
  3. Focus on one goal or task at a time
  4. Stop multitasking
  5. Group similar tasks together

Some things I did to be productive today were doing my ab workout, getting some homework done, and cleaning up after I made dinner. If I can be productive and leave the comfort of my bed, so can you. Get off your lazy behind and be productive. For more information on productivity and the benefits it can have on your overall well being, check out

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