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Home News Dairy Queen Moves From Old to New Location

The Dairy Queen logo is now hanging on the new building across from the old one.

Photo Courtesy of Kaytlyn Kindschy

By Kaytlyn Kindschy


Dairy Queen put the winter break to good use, moving the establishment into a new and improved building with many benefits for both customers and employees this past December. 

CUNE student and Dairy Queen Employee, junior Ellie Mackowski, said that the new building provides faster service for both the drive-thru and the lobby as well as a cleaner store in general. 

“Some of the major changes in the new building include a much larger drive-thru area, a better organized storage space, great new seating for customers and larger, nicer bathroom for those who come in,” Mackowski said.

She said since the opening of the new facility, the drive-thru and lobby areas have been busier than usual this time of year. 

Senior Anna Baack said that she loved the new Dairy Queen. 

“It almost doesn’t feel like you’re in Seward,” Baack said, “The windows and light make it a super inviting place to be, and I will probably spend way too much time there.”

With the old Dairy Queen building sitting empty, there are plans to demolish it and use the area for more parking.

Mackowski said, “We will not have the new parking lot done until the spring time, either March or April.”

The Seward community got one last look at the as-is Dairy Queen building before the new location opened right behind it. 

Photo Courtesy of Elisha Meyer

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