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Home News Fidelity to Host Kickoff Event

Fidelity is an opportunity for the women of campus to build meaningful relationships and study the Bible in small groups. Photo by Janis Wagner

By Kenneth Paetow

Concordia women’s Fidelity club will host a kickoff event from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 14 at St. John Lutheran Church. The event will include brunch, break-out sessions, and a chance to meet leaders and other members.

Fidelity is a bible study opportunity for women to grow closer to God and build a strong bond with one another. 

“It’s a really cool opportunity to get to know new people and learn more about God with them,” junior Makenna Taylor said.

Fidelity is a community that connects women on campus to a small group where they can begin to share and grow with each other in faith and life. It provides positive and encouraging people in members’ lives once a week. 

“They should join. They are missing out on the opportunity to grow and why would you want to miss out on that,” junior Michelle Porath said. 

To join, email or get in contact with Michelle Porath, Lana Blakeman, or Julia O’laughlin.

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