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Home News Final Competitions Wrap Up Winter Floor Wars

by Hayden Rensner

Winter Floor Wars competitors gathered in Janzow Saturday morning to compete in the last two Winter Floor Wars events.

Cookie decorating was the first event. The teams used large circle-shapde sugar cookies and decorating supplies like frosting and fun-size candies to decorate their treats. They had fifteen minutes to decorate the cookies following the theme of “winter scene.”

Students then moved on to the next competition: snowman decorating. Each team chose a student to represent the “snowman.” They used toilet paper and various colors of construction paper to decorate their “snowmen.” The teams had fifteen minutes to morph their volunteer into a ‘snowman.’ Four halls participated in the final Winter Floor Wars events.

Winners of Winter Floor Wars will be announced after PRAISE on Wednesday night. This year’s Spring Weekend Theme will also be announced at that time.

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