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Home News Gov. Ricketts bans TikTok on State Issued Devices

By Kaytlyn Kindschy and Janis Buelow

Gov. Pete Ricketts on Wednesday said he will ban the popular app TikTok from state-owned electronic devices issued to all state officials and employees.

President Donald Trump has talked about banning the use of Chinese-based apps WeChat and TikTok after claiming they posed national security concerns. 

“The Chinese government has long engaged in systematic, covert efforts to access sensitive data from U.S. governments, companies, and individuals,” Ricketts said in a press release.  “To maintain the security of data owned by the State of Nebraska, and to safeguard against the intrusive cyber activities of China’s communist government, we’ve made the decision to ban TikTok on State devices.”

TikTok had a team of researchers find potential flaws in the programming of the app that could give hackers access to data and account information and allow them to upload videos without user permission. TikTok claimed it had fixed these issues 


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