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Allison Mackie performs pieces by Felix Mendelssohn on the organ at the fall Honor Recital. Photo by Laura VonKampen.

By Jayme Lowe

Ten student musicians represented the Concordia music department at the fall Honor Recital on Nov. 7.

These performers were chosen by the music faculty after a competitive audition earlier in the semester. Sophomores, a junior, and seniors were represented, with both vocalists and instrumentalists participating.

Sophomore Charlotte Lines opened the recital with a rendition of “Spoon River” by Percy Grainger, bringing the grand piano to life.

The next performer was senior Matthew Gerhold, singing as a countertenor. Accompanied by Associate Professor of Music Dr. Elizabeth Grimpo, Gerhold sang “Presti omai L’Egizia terra” by Handel. The text of the song translated to “Soon the Egyptian earth, its palms to the victor.”

Junior Gabriel Jofre played the saxophone next. He performed “Improvisation Et Caprice” by Eugène Bozza. The two sections of the piece contrasted and showed Jofre’s skill.

Senior Austin Theriot was next onstage. He played “Pagodes” from “Estampes” by Claude Debussy. The piece, in typical Debussy fashion, was light and soothing.

The first organist up was senior Allison Mackie. Mackie played a section of “Sonata VI,”  “Chorale and Variations: Adante Sostenuto-Allegro Molto” by Felix Mendelssohn. It contained sections of contrasting tempos, keeping the audience on their toes.

Another saxophone player also graced the stage. Sophomore Sarah Benz, accompanied by Grimpo, performed “Diversion” by Bernhard Heiden. The piano and saxophone complemented each other, with each pulling forward at different points in the piece.

Sophomore Sarah Benz, accompanied by Dr. Grimpo on the piano, performs a piece on the saxophone. Photo by Laura VonKampen.

Senior Cadence Klemp was the next pianist of the recital. She also performed a Debussy piece, “Jardins sous la pluie,” which translates to “Gardens in the rain.”

The eighth performer was sophomore Alexandria Ryks, a mezzo-soprano. She was also accompanied by Grimpo and sang “When I am laid in earth” from Dido and Aeneas by Henry Purcell. The haunting song demonstrated Ryks’ vocal and emotional range.

Second-to-last onstage was senior Jacob Roggow on piano. He performed “Sonetto 104 del Petrarca” by Franz Liszt. The piece was an exercise in tension and release, rising and falling throughout and almost ending just to begin again.

The recital was closed with senior Caleb Staehr on the organ, performing “Postlude on Puer Nobis Nascitur” by Aaron David Miller. The tune is familiar, as it is used for the hymn “On Jordan’s bank, the Baptist’s Cry.” The postlude elaborated and expanded upon the theme of the tune in a jovial way.

For information about upcoming recitals, contact the Music Department.


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