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Home Student Senate Hughes Brothers will provide beams for outdoor chapel cross

Photo credit: Kayla Korb

By Nora Betts


Student Senate President Aaron Fosse said on Tuesday that Hughes Brothers will provide metal beams to construct the new cross for the outdoor chapel behind David Hall.

The body of the cross will be made of two metal I-beams donated by Hughes Brothers, Fosse said. He said junior Hannah Helmer designed the cross and plans to work with the Center for Liturgical Art to construct it.

Fosse said the Center for Liturgical Art plans to put the two beams together as the body of the cross and create a burned-wood mosaic to inlay into the structure.

Engineer’s rendering of the cross design. Photo credit: Emma VanTol/Jeremy VanTol

Secretary Emma VanTol said her father, engineer Jeremy VanTol, made a digital rendering of the cross design for Senate officers to show Hughes Brothers, to help speed up the project.

“My dad drew up a rendering of [the cross] so their engineers can get working on that,” said VanTol. “We’re actually moving along on that project a little bit better.”

Senate officers said installing a cross is the final step in the outdoor chapel project, which has been in progress since the spring of 2022.

Park Cleanup Event

The Senate’s Community Service Committee is hosting a Plum Creek Park cleanup event at 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 13.

“We’re going to be basically picking up trash and throwing sticks into the trees,” said Senate Vice President Victoria Perry.

Perry encouraged all students to participate in the cleanup and said her goal was to get 30 volunteers.

The park cleanup event is part of the month-long Nebraska District LCMS Servant Event called SHINE! Perry said the Nebraska District provided the Senate with a limited number of free shirts for those who volunteer.

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