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by Hope Moural


Concordia musicians come together for Christ-centered jam sessions this year with Jam Sessions for Jesus.

The sessions, led by junior Laura-Li Gaide, meet Monday from 9-10 p.m. in David Hall top lounge.

“Most people come to sing or just listen,” Gaide said. “We like to open it up to people, but we usually pray at the end and try to have mini devotions in the middle.”

These worship sessions started up last year and have carried on into this year.

“Honestly, I think it’s just a good way for people to take a break and spend time with Jesus,” Gaide said. “It’s a great way to grow in relationships and meet new people.”

The jam session provides a laid-back environment for students to play and worship in.

“I love having a time set aside every Monday night, where I can take a break from my studies to worship Christ with my peers,” sophomore Leah Werling said in an email interview. “We sing and play our instruments with exuberant joy, putting our stress and worries aside for an hour and putting Christ first.”

The sessions become an easy way for freshmen in particular to get involved and get a sense of support from fellow students.

Gaide encourages  people to lead devotions during a session if they feel comfortable doing so, as a way of getting more people involved during the hour-long hang outs.

According to Gaide, the jam sessions are a great place to make memories. She often can’t hear her own voice because so many people are singing.

“The overall thing is come as you are, come whenever you can, even if it’s just because you need a random jam session,” Gaide said. “It’s more about Jesus than us.”






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