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Students and members of the Seward community gather at the Law and Justice club’s first meeting. Photo by Garion Consier.

  • By Madison Pitsch


Law and Justice Club is coming back to Concordia.

The club had been a part of Concordia nearly five years ago, but when senior Nathan Matters, entered college, the “club” was really just more of an email list.

“What I know is that the club used to hold monthly meetings and was recognized by Student Senate,” Matters said. “But then once the leaders all graduated they did not find anybody to replace them and so the club kind of vanished and became a email list without any sort of monthly meetings.”

Matters, along with several other students majoring in law-related fields like Behavioral Psychology, Criminal Justice, Sociology and Pre-Law, approached Professor of Sociology Dr. Kathy  Miller to see if the club could be started back up again.

“I thought that there were a lot of benefits of having an approved club that meets every month that we were missing out on, and so I thought that a lot of students could benefit from having an approved club like that,” Matters said. “A lot of people want to be involved and especially when it comes to internship opportunities, which is a (requirement for the criminal justice major). They felt like they had to reach out themselves and the school wasn’t very informative (in) getting opportunities. So that’s one of the goals.”

Currently, the club is in its beginning stages: reverifying its status as a student organization, attracting speakers to come to meetings, as well as attracting students to be a part of the club. Dr. Tim Huntington, Associate Professor of Biology & Criminal Justice, says this club will be a welcome addition to one of Concordia’s more popular majors.

The program has been growing tremendously in the past few years. Criminal Justice was one of the most requested majors that Concordia did not have until a few years ago, and the major kind of exploded,” Huntington said. “When I last checked we had well over 50 majors and dozens of minors in the program, which puts Criminal Justice in the company of some of the most populated majors on campus. The program is going to keep growing too, as we’re always looking to add more classes and opportunities.”

To get involved, contact Nathan Matters at or Dr. Kathy Miller at


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