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Home Sports Men’s basketball defeats Benedictine Ravens in a close match

Photo description: Freshman Lukas Helms focuses intensely as he shoots a basket. 

Photo credit: Kayla Korb

Isaac Dawson

Sower Staff


The Concordia men’s basketball team won their game against the Benedictine Ravens this Saturday with a final score of 74-61.

The first half began with a dry spell for both teams, with Benedictine being the first team to score just over two minutes into the game. Concordia recovered quickly and took the lead at 7-2 over the Ravens. After Benedictine scored on one more shot, both teams could not recover their own rebounds.

Freshman Bulldog Brooks Kissinger finally ended the series of turnovers with two successful free throws, widening the gap between the Ravens. Not about to let that injustice stand in the way of a desired victory, Benedictine scored three shots over Concordia, taking the lead at 11-10.

The next several minutes were a tight race between the teams as they stayed within two points of each other with the exception of a few free throws. With three minutes remaining in the half, freshman Brandt Van Dyke and junior Noah Schute made a wicked three-pointer each for a score of 22-16. It was a back and forth with the Ravens doing slightly better until the end of the half, ending the first half at 26-23.

The second half began with a strong showing from Concordia, widening the lead to 33-25 at two and a half minutes. Benedictine looked like they might make a comeback with three uncontested field goals but were shut down again by freshman Tyler Harre making two consecutive three-point shots and a two pointer from junior Tristan Smith to bring back the substantial lead at 43-29.

A few minutes and a one three-pointer from the Ravens later, both teams scored nearly the same number of shots, some of Concordia’s simply being worth three. They then each let the ball go for the majority of the next several possessions, with everything from turnovers to a steal for the Ravens, missed free throws and fouls until Benedictine and took the advantage with two shots and two three-pointers.

The Bulldogs managed to stave them off with a few free throws and a field goal, making the score 64-52 with two minutes to go at a Concordia timeout. Desperate to regain the lead, the Ravens fouled the Bulldogs repeatedly, scoring a few shots themselves but allowing for eight free throws by Concordia, ending the game with a final score of 74-61.

The team as a whole scored 21 of 49 field goals, nine of 19 three-pointers, and had 12 assists. They made 23 of 34 free throws and 50 rebounds, 12 offensive and 38 defensive. The second half improved dramatically from the first, field goal percentage increasing by 12 percent.

Juniors Noah Schutte and Tristan Smith were the leading scorers for Concordia, sitting at 16 and 15 with three shots, one three pointer and nine free throws for Shutte and four shots, no threes, and seven free throws for Smith. Both also tied for the most assists with three each. Smith was the leading rebounder with 14 total.

The basketball team now has a season record of 3-0. Their next game is a home game against the Morningside University Mustangs at Friedrich Arena on Nov. 15 at 7:45 p.m.

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