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Photo description: Senior Amanda Munzert performs on the flute during her senior recital

Photo credit: Bailey Mooney

Bailey Mooney

Sower Staff


Music Education major Amanda Munzert showcased her passion for the art of music through her senior recital.

“I incorporated both flute and piano into my recital because they are both equally important parts in my music career,” said Munzert.

Munzert says the importance of a senior recital is to “show a community of people who appreciate music everything you have worked on throughout your career as a musician up until this point.”

Munzert said it is important to find your passion and draw from it.

“Passion fuels you to want to do better and grow in your skill regardless of what that skill is,” explained Munzert.

CUNE music professor Dr. Carol McDaniel was Munzert’s accompanist for the recital.

“Amanda is a delightful student,” said McDaniel. “She is very open to looking at things in a different way, and is very respectful as well as humble.”

Munzert gave her appreciation to fellow musicians who supported her on her path toward the senior recital.

“This is not just my senior recital, but it is also an opportunity to share the joy of music with those that have supported me through what I have worked so hard to achieve,” said Munzert.

She said it is important to advocate for music programs because music allows people to find solace and a connection with one another.

“It is important to support one another as we grow not only in music but in life as well. This is something I have found valuable throughout my musical career, and what I hope to inspire others to take part in,” she said.

Munzert strives to serve the Lord not only through her musical abilities but also in her role as an educator.

“Amanda has a goal of serving the Lord as a music educator, and we need to encourage more people in the importance of that,” said McDaniel.

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