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Photo description: Junior Jake Jablonski tries to avoid a tackle as his teammates help to block the defensive team

Photo credit: Josiah Seabaugh

Isaac Dawson

Sower Staff


The Concordia football team lost their game against the Midland University Warriors this Saturday with a score of 39-37 after going into double overtime.

Kicking off the first quarter in the midst of below-freezing temperatures, Concordia received the ball first but quickly lost it after a 29-yard drive. From there, neither team made much headway against the opposing defenses, the only points gained by Midland with a successful field goal attempt in their first drive until a Warriors touchdown with two minutes left in the quarter, leading the Bulldogs with a score of 10-0. Concordia’s efforts to bring the score to a more manageable gap were unsuccessful, all plays made by both teams turned around for no points until early in the second quarter.

After stopping the Midland offense’s advance, the Bulldogs pulled off a series of rushes that brought junior wide receiver Austin Jablonski into the endzone, a successful extra point bringing Concordia back within spitting distance of the lead at 10-7. In an instant turnaround, Tyson Denkert of Midland University received the kick and blasted past the Bulldog’s defense, taking a big lead over Concordia once again at 17-7.

The Bulldogs responded with a solid 60-yard drive in which senior Devin Zeigler nearly saved the day by staying on his feet with wicked acrobatics after being flipped around twice by a defender, but the push was interrupted by an untimely interception by Midland’s Xavier Green. The Warriors were unable to turn it around for even more points with Concordia’s defense stopping them short of field goal range and pushing back for their own successful field goal to end the half by freshman kicker Peyton Atwood to make the score 17-10.

After a halftime in which most of the crowd huddled indoors, the third quarter began and ended as a series of drives that couldn’t quite reach the end zone. After a few back-and-forth attempts, Midland almost put up a 37-yard field goal, but the ball found the post instead. The remainder of the quarter devolved into drives that averaged a gain of about 10 yards, neither team making it very far past the defense.

The final quarter began with a strong showing by the Bulldogs, with junior Mark Arp bringing home a touchdown with three good rushes, bringing the score to an even 17-17. After a single rush and pass, the Warriors responded with a touchdown of their own, Kalynd Coats of Midland taking the ball for 63 yards straight past Concordia’s defense and into the endzone for 24-17, ruining any hope for the Bulldogs to take the lead. Nearly taking the lead even further out of reach, the Warriors intercepted the ball once again and missed another field goal attempt from 47 yards out.

With five minutes left in the game, Concordia pulled off a perfectly executed and perfectly accidental punt that flew straight up, letting them keep possession. They scored one last touchdown with that magical play, Zeigler bringing the ball home after a 15 play drive and tying it up at 24-24.

Overtime number one was a wash with both teams successfully bringing the ball in for a touchdown with senior Luke Lang receiving the pass for Concordia. The kicks were both good, bringing the score to 31-31. Overtime number two nearly turned out the same, both teams earning a touchdown, Jablonski taking the second Bulldog pass. The following two-point conversions weren’t so lucky for Concordia, Midland converting successfully after Concordia’s failure to do the same, ending the game with a final score of 39-37. Junior Quarterback D.J. McGarvie explained the strategy of the final overtime, saying, “we knew our goal, we had to put up a touchdown and try to get the two-point conversion; they converted and we didn’t.”

McGarvie had a 19-47 catch attempt ratio, throwing for 313 yards and passing two touchdowns before overtime.

Junior Mark Arp was the leading rusher for Concordia, going for 113 yards on 24 attempts. Junior Austin Jablonski was the lead receiver with 157 yards on 11 catches.

Senior Michael Grindey had the most tackles with four solos and eight assists. The defense as a whole had 68 tackles with 32 solos and 36 assists.

The football team now has a season record of 3-5. Their next game is another home game against the Doane University Tigers on Nov. 4 at 1 p.m.

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