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Photo courtesy of Sonja Brandt.

By Julia Witt


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on Concordia’s campus, and the music building is no exception, thanks to the students from Concordia’s chapter of the National Association for Music Education. 

NAfME decorates the music building every year. There are a wide variety of decorations around the music building, and some have unique details that make them quite Concordian. There are trees and lights, but if one looks closely at the ornaments on the tree, they will see pictures of the music professors on some of the ornaments. 

“Decorating the music building is a tradition that has happened for many years” junior Jenna Fredrickson said.  “We decorate the Music Building because this is typically a very stressful time on campus, especially for the music students. We want to use our building to give everyone who comes in a little bit of Christmas cheer.”

Another decoration even seeks to spread the good cheer of Christmas further than the student body. 

“Another cool decoration we have are our stockings for the professors,” Fredrickson said. “Students are encouraged to write notes of appreciation to our full time music faculty and administrative assistant. This is also a stressful time of the semester for professors, so we use the stockings to show our professors how much we appreciate everything they do for us.”

Of course, while the lights may be pretty and the professor ornaments funny, it is the joy of the coming savior that really brings the Christmas spirit to the music building and the rest of the Concordia campus.

 “I think Christmas is the best time of year on campus because of the joy it brings,” Fredrickson said. “It brings joy to us as Christians because we are celebrating the coming of Jesus who brings us salvation, and it also brings light to us in a stressful time of projects, tests, and papers.”

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