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Home Sports Q&A with New Softball Coach Shawn Semler

  1. Where did you coach before you came to Concordia?

“(I) spent six years as head coach at College of Saint Mary in Omaha and eight years as head coach at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, Minnesota. Last year, (I) was the head softball coach at Waverly High School (Nebraska).”


  1. What do you like most about Concordia?  

“I love the campus and the atmosphere here. I love that my faith can be at the center of my coaching.”


  1. How did you get started in coaching?  

“Out of college, I was asked if I could help with the softball team which led me to be the head coach the following year. I spent three years as the head coach at Bellevue East High School before accepting the job at College of Saint Mary.”  


  1. What is the biggest thing you have learned from coaching?

“I have learned a lot about myself over the years I have coached. The biggest thing is that winning isn’t the most important thing. I have made relationships that have impacted my life more than any win has.”


  1. What do you like most about coaching?  

“I love the competition, the challenge to get a team to reach greater heights than they expected they could get to. I love being in big games with a lot at stake and having a chance to help mold young women into being great both on and off the field.”

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