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Coach Drew Olson pointing at his team to show them where they need to go for their next play on the court. 

Photo credit: Josiah Seabaugh

By Kai Olbrich


Despite his lengthy coaching tenure and impressive resume, Concordia women’s basketball coach Drew Olson wants people to see Jesus in him over any personal accolades.

Olson recently finished the 2023-24 season which was his 18th in charge of the team. The Bulldogs went 27-7 and made it to the Sweet 16 of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics national tournament. A big part of that was the senior class and the bond that they had.

“They’re just really, really special to me because of all that they’ve gone through. You don’t know the highs unless you have the lows. Yeah. And we have some incredible lows because of just some circumstances that were thrown at us with Covid that freshman year for them. Then we just had a really rough sophomore year, in terms of chemistry and the buy-in, and it was that, that junior year and this year were just so fun and, the highs were, were incredible because of what we’ve experienced together,” Olson said.

Olson believes that their fight was something that set them apart and gave them an edge.

“This group just found ways to win. I’m thinking about the Concordia Ann Arbor game, Briar Cliff, and the Benedictine game in the national tournament. Just so many. And there are so many others where we were down and fought back to find ways to win,” Olson said.

Olson loves having his family around the team and seeing the impact they have on each other.

“I just love having my family around, they’re a huge part of who I am. And I love them so much. But I also love having my basketball family be able to be around them and be an influence,” Olson said.

Olson’s Christian faith has helped him to understand that wins and losses don’t define him.

“I’m ultra-competitive, I hate losing. But it’s [faith that] helped me understand that doesn’t define me. If we have a great season, if we have a bad season, if we win a game, if we lose a game, I’m still a child of God and nothing’s going to take that from me. So that’s probably the biggest thing,” Olson said.

Rather than having his personal achievements be remembered, Olson hopes above all else that he instills confidence in Jesus into his players.

“One of my favorite songs is, ‘I don’t want to leave a legacy, I don’t care if they remember me, only Jesus.’ And honestly, I really hope our players know that. That it’s more about who they are in Christ. And when they’re done with their four years, that’s what they’re assured of and they know the wins and losses are great, but, to me, that’s way more important,” Olson said.

“The Holy Spirit is alive and thriving here. I think it’s not just us and our basketball team, everybody that you’re going to come into contact with wants you to grow in your faith, is there for you, cares for you, and is going to share the love of Jesus with you,” Olson said.

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