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Home Arts & Culture Red Path Gallery Offers Art to Community

by Elyssia Finch


The Red Path Gallery provides the Seward community with a taste of Nebraskan creativity through its art exhibits and musical performances.

The Red Path Gallery has been open since August 2013. While the gallery itself has a calm environment, there is a lot of work that goes into the business in order for it to be successful. From open hours until after close, the business remains busy.

“We are open a little over 30 hours a week, but during the times we are closed, there is much time that goes into planning art exhibits, hanging art exhibits, planning performances and keeping up social media advertising,” owner and director Jeanne Hain Wiemer said in an email interview. Musicians who wish to perform contact Hain Wiemer personally. Most musicians perform acoustic guitar music. While artists can contact Hain Wiemer as well, art usually comes to the gallery in a different manner.

“We have open houses and receptions for our guest artists,” Hain Wiemer said.“We also host ‘Air Walk Saturday’ [in] which our local artists come to the gallery to chat with patrons.”

The gallery stays busy with special events throughout the year.

“Our events differ from year to year. But we usually have a few [guest] artists’ open houses every other month. We also have a Plein Aire event that we will be hosting once a year,” Hain Wiemer said.

While anyone can contact the gallery to have their art featured, their market is for Nebraska artists.

“Running the art gallery is very rewarding,” Hain Wiemer said. “I have the opportunity to work with many creative people and get to know even some famous artists. We have marvelous pieces of artwork to view and sale. People are amazed by the local talent of artists in our state. I encourage all to come take a look.”

The next event taking place at the Red Path Gallery is a live music event by sophomore Caleb Worral at 7 p.m. on Jan. 23.

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